We help take failure out of the loop!

Our Method

Dr. Linda Pearson’s

The Reading & Math Center
5-Step Method
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Parent Conference
  • Individual, Prescriptive Learning Plan
  • Individual / Small Group Instruction
  • Periodic Testing & Progress Reports

Diagnostic Testing

An individual diagnostic evaluation is given to each
student to pinpoint specific academic strengths and
weaknesses. The reading portion, for example, includes
tests in sight vocabulary, phonics, word attack, silent
reading comprehension, oral reading, vocabulary and
reading rate. In-depth testing is given in reading,
mathematics, English grammar, and spelling. Optional
I.Q. testing is also available.

Parent Conference

After testing, an appointment to discuss the student’s
scores is scheduled. At this time, parents are informed
about their student’s level of achievement and where
their student should be performing. If IQ testing was
also conducted, parents are informed about their child’s
ability and their level of achievement relative to that
ability. At this time, parents are shown our techniques
and an individual plan for increasing their student’s
abilities. Parents are given a chance to become familiar
with the facilities and the materials used, and are
encouraged to ask questions about the Center.

Individual / Prescriptive Learning Plan

Upon evaluation of the testing results, a "prescriptive"
instructional plan is uniquely designed for the individual
student. This program is initiated exactly at the student’s
point of need – no time is wasted re-teaching material
that the student has already mastered. The activities
are planned only after daily evaluation of the student’s
progress. In this manner, each day’s activities present
the precise amount of challenge and instruction.

Individual / Small Group Instruction

Dr. Linda Pearson’s The Reading & Math Center’s
tutors, methods, and materials provide a positive learning
environment. Because a ratio of three or fewer students
per instructor is maintained, the Center eliminates
competition and fear of failure allowing the student
an optimal climate for success. Each of the Center’s
instructors are trained in Dr. Pearson’s methods of
the use of interesting and diverse instructional materials.
This variety of tried-and-true techniques, coupled with
positive encouragement, give the Center’s students that
extra boost they need to succeed.

Periodic Check-Ups & Progress Reports

Periodic post-tests are administered throughout the
instructional period. Each test is evaluated and interpreted
with reports mailed to the parents . In addition to
progress scores, the Center also provides helpful information
concerning goals and recommendations for further instruction.
In providing this service, the Center hopes that parents
will stay abreast of current progress and attitude changes
and reward the student with appropriate reinforcements.