We help take failure out of the loop!

5 Step Method

Our parents always ask us… “How do you do it? How do you help? How do you help my child?” This page explains our 5-Step Method that has proven itself with thousands of students and parents.

Diagnostic Testing

We give every student at The Reading & Math Center an individual evaluation to help us pinpoint their specific academic strengths and weaknesses. The reading diagnosis, for example, includes tests in sight vocabulary, phonics, word attack, silent reading comprehension, oral reading, vocabulary and reading rate. In-depth testing is given in mathematics, English grammar, and spelling. This in-depth testing is essential to the program’s success.

We also offer our parents psychological (I.Q.) testing consisting of the WISC-III, WAIS-R, Slosson Intelligence Test, and the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test to determine the potential of your child.

Parent Conference

After testing, we will make an appointment with you, our parents, to come in and review the results of the testing. At this time, you will be presented with a clear and concise report on your child’s academic performance. This report will detail where they are and where they need to be, and give you realistic expectations about how to close the gap between the two. You are presented with the results and a written report detailing our recommendations on how we can help. Then you decide what you want us to do.

You are also given a opportunity to become familiar with the facilities and the materials used, and are encouraged to ask questions about The Reading & Math Center.

Individual / Prescriptive Learning Plan

Upon evaluation of the testing results, a “prescriptive” instruction plan is uniquely designed for your student. This program is initiated exactly at the student’s point of need – no time is wasted re-teaching the materials that the student has already mastered. The activities are planned based on daily evaluation of the student’s progress. In this manner, each day’s activities present the precise amount of challenge and instruction your child needs to succeed.

Individual / Small Group Instruction

The Reading & Math Center provides a positive learning environment. We maintain a ratio of three or fewer students per instructor. This helps eliminate competition and fear of failure allowing your student an optimal climate for success. Each of the Center’s instructors are trained in Dr. Pearson’s methods on the use of interesting and diverse instructional materials. This variety of tried-and-true techniques, coupled with positive encouragement, give your student(s) that extra boost they need to succeed.

We also offer private 1-on-1 classes to give your student intensive instruction to help them bridge the gap.

Periodic Check-Ups & Progress Reports

We give your student(s) periodic post-tests to determine their progress. Each test is evaluated and interpreted with reports mailed to both parents. In addition to progress scores, we also provide helpful information concerning goals and recommendations for further instruction. In providing this service, we help keep our parents abreast of current progress and reward the student with postive reinforcements.

It is extremely inspiring for your student(s) to see how much progress they are making. We keep them well informed that their hard work is paying off, and you will see it in the smiles on their faces and their increased confidence.