We help take failure out of the loop!

Our Purpose

The RMC is a diagnostic-prescriptive learning center providing students of all ages with individualized instruction and tutoring to maximize their academic achievement. For some, this includes remedial work to help them “catch up” with their peers; for others, supplemental work to get ahead.

Our Purpose…

The Center’s goal has always been to complement and support, not compete with, the curriculums of local schools. The Reading and Math Center has helped more than 80,000 people of all ages reach their educational goals.

The first step for new students is to come in for an evaluation. These comprehensive exams will help to determine the skills he or she needs to improve. (More on our testing).The student then attends classes, offered on an hourly basis, to achieve their academic goals. Typically, students attend one-hour classes two days per week. However, some students prefer concentrated study of 8 to 10 hours per week. Classes are offered year-round, on Monday through Thursday, and on other days by request. We welcome pupils of all ages. Our philosophy is that anyone, regardless of age or status, should be commended for using any methods available to advance their education, and thus their quality of life.